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I use the Full Calendar plugin from @Bubble and the data source has 4 merged searches. But when the page loads, it freezes like 4 seconds until the data source is complete. When it loads, the calendar has like 10 events per day.

How can I optimize this and make it faster?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

How is your Database set up? Is it 100% necessary to do 4 merged searches? Can it be condensed into something simpler?

The speed likely has to do with the several data sources being polled. You could add a nice loading icon to the page and make it go away when the calendar renders.


So, I have a Type called “Folder” that have a field “Events” that “Events” is a type with dates and all that. “Folder” also has fields called “access_1”, “access_2” and “access_3”. That are a list of “Users”. This is for users that have a “Folder” can invite other users with different access. And in “Users” I have the fields “access_1”, “access_2” and “access_3”, that are a list of “Folders” and Folder, which is a field for his own Folder.

So for example, a User_1 has a Folder with a list of Events, so the data source of the calendar is Current Page Folder´s events.

User_2 has his own Folder, and is added to other folders, so User_2 has a list of Folders in the fields “access_1”, “access_2” and “access_3”, and his own Folder, so the calendar is Current User´s Folder´s Events merged with Current User´s access_1´s Events merged with Current User´s access_2´s Events merged with Current User´s access_3´s Events.

And this is very slow and laggy.

Yes, I could do that, but when an element is not visible, will it be able to load stuff?

If you place one element on top of another they will both load because both are technically visible.

Z-index magic! It would be nice to have more fine grained control over element z-indices @eve @emanuel maybe this could be added in the future

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The dB model has many lists all around.

Bubble will take a while to load.

Have you considered implementing a dB model as indirectly related as possible with lists limited to a minimum? … Or even non existent if possible?

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I think the way I am doing it is the best.

Will it work if I set a group with the data source I need in and 5 seconds after page load, display that group data source in the calendar?

Will the page freeze?

I am also wondering about your model. Would it be easier to just have one data type of events and set fields on it that you could use as constraints? For example I have an app that has bookings and other types of events. I conditionally filter out the types of events I don’t wanna see caught at the end of the day all events and all user day to go into the same event thing there’s just several field so that I can filter out data how I want using a bubble side filter instead of a client side filter and it’s only one search. All events going to one thing

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I could do a an Advanced search for all Events, but I read a while ago that Advanced searches are not very fast, right?

Maybe I´ll just have a dropdown to show some part of the Events

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