How to display 2 data source with FULL CALENDAR

Hello all,

How are you ?
Do you know how to put 2 data source in Full Calendar ?

I want to have a calendar with a source coming from my google calendar, and a source coming from the events created via my bubble site.
I want to concatenate the both in the same calendar.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jerem97,

  1. If you need it here is a link on how to create your own custom calendar

  2. You can always merge multiple searches of your database i.e. Do a search for Events:merged with Do a search for Events as long as the data types are the same.

  3. What you could do is have 2 repeating groups inside each day to show google calendar as well as bubble db events.

Hope this helps!

Should be able to send both searches to a state, and display the state’s value as well.

That tutorial for the custom calendar is 4 years old, and it is no longer valid. If you scroll down you’ll see a decent amount of folks who have tried to implement it, only to find it’s not compatible with contemporary bubble.

Interesting, how are you getting the relationship between what’s displayed inside the calendar which would be of type date (lowest common datatype) and the event?

Sounds like you are not thinking this totally through as I guess @jerem97 wants to do more than just displaying a list of dates in a calendar after all, it will not be interactive sir.

Please elaborate :smiley:

Where is that reply pls link. Thank you!

You linked it already.

Scroll to the bottom of the thread and start from there.

The exact text pls that invalidates it.
I am not claiming this so I won’t

Not exactly sure what you’re saying here?

Same. You are saying this is wrong so where is that? Can you link me there?

If you don’t wanna read the thread you linked don’t pretend I’m supposed to explain it to you. Go find it.

Sorry for that @zach8 maybe the plugin might help.

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