Calendly HTML on Mobile Web


I am trying to integrate Calendly onto my mobile page to enable users to book a time with us. I’m having some trouble making the html widget intuitive and easy to use.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Copy the in-line embed html code from Calendly – the size in the code is 320p x 630p
  • Paste that into an html widget on my Bubble mobile page – the widget 350p x 800p

Here’s the issue:

  • The user can scroll both within the html widget and on the page, which is clunky and sometimes hard to navigate
  • Occasionally, the “confirmation” button on Calendly gets hidden behind / below the nav buttons on mobile web browser, so the user cannot click “confirm”

Any advice on how to integrate? I’ve played around with the (1) iframe and (2) stretch content to fit settings without much luck yet. Thanks!