Calendly Embedded Event Scheduled Help

Hello bubblers! I’m looking for some help with Calendly embedded widget.

After registering on my site, a business has to schedule an onboarding meeting so we can make sure they are a good fit. I have Calendly embedded with a link to my calendar and that show’s up fine with a HTML block. What I need to from here is:

  1. Pre-fill the form with data. Tried following this and it’s not working.
  2. Get notified that the event was booked along with the time. The above link mentioned that it uses window.postMessage so either trying to use that or the Calendly plugin (which uses API stuff).

I am a beginner at the bubble API stuff and creating scripts on the backend. If the solution involves that, please be beginner friendly :slight_smile:. Thanks!

Bump. I think it’s quick but will still be willing to throw some money to someone that can help fix this.

Hey there! :wave:

I use Calendly on my site but I choose to have my client book off of my site, just in case I push an update to my site while they are booking. I just have it redirect to my site after booking to a confirmation page with a coupon.

It sends me an email from Calendly when an appointment is booked automatically.

Also, I can pre-fill data by sending it through the URL. I do this if they want to book another session right after they book the first one. It’s really easy to do.

Would that work for you too? Or you really want to stick with embedding it?

Let me know.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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