Call or conversation around using Algolia as a Backend Workflow Datasource

I am looking for some assistance [discussion/email] in using Algolia as a backend workflow data source. I am currently experiencing an issue outline below that I am attempting to solve. Will pay for time.

Alternatives are also acceptable.

Hi, :wave:t2: I’m on my phone now, but I saw your other post and I think that one of your problems is that you’re scheduling your api workflow on a list but you are not giving time between each operation.

Try setting 5 seconds between each of them.

If it works then you can see your server use and see if you can set 3 seconds or more)

How much items have this list?

Also, if it contains more than 100 rows, I recommend you to use a recursive api workflow instead of the schedule api workflow on a list. It is more reliable.

Hope it helps,


@juancamilovasquezard Thank you for your suggestions. I responded in full on the other thread.

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