Using Algolia Bubble Native in Backend Workflow

Hi, I am attempting to use Algolia as a data source in a backend workflow action but every time that action gets called I get the following error:

“Workflow error - Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!”

Step 2 in the below workflow always fails with this error.

Hi, :wave:t2: I’m on my phone now, but I saw your other post and I think that one of your problems is that you’re scheduling your api workflow on a list but you are not giving time between each operation.

Try setting 5 seconds between each of them.

If it works then you can see your server use and see if you can set 3 seconds or more)

How much items have this list?

Also, if it contains more than 100 rows, I recommend you to use a recursive api workflow instead of the schedule api workflow on a list. It is more reliable.

Hope it helps,


@juancamilovasquezard Thank you for the reply. That is a great suggestion. I actually did try this after posting this (great minds think alike) thinking it was a performance-related bubble issue but it still fails, just slower :slight_smile:.

Also, this only returns 1-2 records from Algolia generally and the workflow its calling is recursive :slight_smile: again, great suggestion. I have learned my lesson doing none recursive list processing.

Still not sure what might be going on here but I greatly appreciate your suggestions!!!


@juancamilovasquezard I did take another look at my workflow and I removed the workflow based on a list and created this to be fully recursive with no Schedule Workflow on List actions. I believe this is what you were saying and I agree you are correct here. Unfortunately, I still get an error when this workflow initiates. You can see the update process below.

Hi @rivergalli,

I saw in the server logs that the step 1 “Create a new Price History” failed.

And your’re trying to use it as the data source when you schedule the api workflow


Maybe there can be an issue?



@juancamilovasquezard That is is just a conditioning failure. As in, it did not meet the condition to complete that create a price history item. This process checks for dupes first.

Yes, I am starting to think this is simply a bug in the Bubble/Algolia interaction that prevents using the Algolia search as a data source in a scheduled workflow. I recently logged this with Bubble Support to see if they can provide some clarity.

Thank you for all of your help.

Umm ok ok , hope you find the solution soon :ok_hand:t2:



@juancamilovasquezard BTW. I just got a response from support and they confirmed and replicated this as a bit. Specifically, using Algolia in a backend workflow. Thanks for the assistance.

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You’re welcome ! :+1:t2:

let us know the result !

@juancamilovasquezard And for anyone else on this thread.

It looks like Bubble fixed the issue today. I will be testing this later and will confirm. Here is a portion of the response. I am impressed with the turn around time.

"It turns out that there was a flaw in our workflow logic that prevented Algolia data sources from being available on the server when some workflows would execute, such as yours. We have just pushed a fix which should allow you to make server-side workflows that use Algolia searches work properly. "


I can confirm that this does work now. You can use Algolia as a data source in backend workflows. Extremely useful.

Great !

What about regular front end workflows ?

Regular front end workflows worked just fined based on my testing. We primarily use Algolia for backend use cases.