Camara not working on webview?

Hi, thanks in advance for any advice:

I’m making an app who also works in mobile devices. When I enter the site in my mobile browser and make it appear in the main screen of the cellphone as embed webview, everything seems to work properly, except when trying to use the file uploader input in order to access the camera of the phone and take a picture. When using the app in the mobile browser it works perfectly, but in the webview it opens the camera but shows nothing, like if I was in a dark room.

Anyone may have an Idea of what is happening? :confused:

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Sorry if this doesn’t fully answer your question, but I observed something that might help: my iPhone is not allowing access (or asking for access) to the camera when I use Chrome (black screen), while it works perfectly fine with Safari. So I don’t think your issue is necessarily linked to the fact that you’re using a webview, but rather to the browser your webview is based on. This being said, there’s probably a way to make it work for all browsers…

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