Has anyone tried the picture uploader on mobile ios with their iphone?

does anyone know if the picture uploader when using your app through iphone, trigger the iphone’s camera option so you could take a picture with your phone?

if your web app is in webview the picture uploader wont work

so then what is the solution to putting the bubble app on ios if not in a webview wrapper?

what about this?

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Yes, I use this functionality. I have a picture uploader element on the page, and do not use any wrapper for the app, just a straight url in safari or chrome (haven’t looked at others) on ios. When tapped, the user is allowed to take a photo or browse their photo library.

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i ended up using that solution , bought a webview template was told i just have to change a few line code using Android Studio, but until now i just bought a source code which cant even compile to apk, im just stuck.

was this on iphone or pc?

It works on both iphone and desktop computers. Here is a basic sample of what I’m using. If you take a picture, it will be saved for the current user.


Thats intersting, its the same uploader that I am using in my app. I took your sample and put it into gonative, and the camera wasnt working in their iphone emulator for yours either.

But you say that you have tested it and it works? I hope you are right.

Perhaps there is a problem with their emulator. I guess I have to wait and see until I get a webview container and put it into xcode and then test it out in xcode’s iphone emulator. Hopefully the camera works there.

Just to be clear…I am not using this in anything other than a web browser – no wrapper, no emulator, etc. I just do plain 'ol web apps. I can’t comment on what happens once you put it elsewhere.

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But it should be the same since its on the same system. At least it indicates that ios on iphone will recognize the picture uploader and give it the option to use its camera.

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