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Can anyone build a auto dialer for $?

I am looking for someone who can build the auto-dialer (also known as predictive dialer, multi dialer, etc).

I am in a SaaS business where we would want to allow our users to make sales calls to 3 phone numbers at a time. When the user makes simulatenous calls to 3 phone numbers, the other two hangs up when one user out of three picks up.

I also found this helpful blog:

Here is the definition of what I am trying to build:

Rather than it routes to any available agent when somebody picks up, it will simply connect to the caller (our user).


Sounds like spam calling. That is a unacceptable use of Bubble.

Edit: thanks for flagging my comment. Also, your explanation sounds like a lot of fancy words for spam calling. Please provide more context to demonstrate that you have the consent of the people you are attempting to autodial.

Hey Devin, I do not appreciate you generalizing the use case for our application. We are building a sales platform that aims to revolutionize the way certain industries are handling outbound calls. Rather than calling the leads one by one, I thought it would be efficient to implement proposed ideas to help save them manual labor.

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