Looking for Alternative to Twilio

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Twilio for making in-app phone call on my platform. But man…it’s been a pain. Many times it throws errors (even though it may still be dialing the number), sometimes it dials the number, but the caller can’t hear anything (and there’s no way of knowing that its dialing), and (worse of all), there’s no way to create a flow to end or hang up a call. So, if a call goes to voicemail or the person does not pick up, it’s a hassle trying to just end it. The line stays open, and you cannot redial until the system ends the call (on its own time).

I am just wondering if anyone else having a better experience with Twilio and if you could provide some tips on how to deal with those issues I listed. I’ll also appreciate recommendations on an alternative for making calls and (possibly) text message through my platform.

Hello @darrenchapin129
I used twilio video conversation for my app

But did you tried this plugin (It also has live demo & editor too with hung up functionality)
hope it help :+1:

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Thanks! I reworked the Trilio workflow and now its working much better.

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