Can bubble create a panorama image

Hey bubblers, can bubble create a panorama image using the user camera
need help?

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Can you explain more?
Definitely, the bubble itself does not have this feature, but if you explain more and preferably give an example, maybe a way can be found for it

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I want to create a web app that will allow users to take panorama pictures with their camera and download them on their devices i want to build this using bubble is it possible?

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According to my current knowledge, bubble is not very strong in working with files and photos.
You should probably use JS libraries for this and create a plugin.

I searched, I think this is one of the libraries that is suitable for your purpose.

Thanks alot

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You’re welcome.
If there is a problem, I am here to help.

Please check the solution so that others can find the answer to the same issue.

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