Can Bubble do Airtable like filtering with and/or conditions and operators (contains, is empty, etc)

I’m looking to recreate the UX that Airtable implements like below into my app. Does anyone have a sense if this is possible and if so how difficult it might be to achieve?

I’m looking to have default fields and user custom fields that can be searched/filtered, and would use this filter element to query SQL to an external database to pull in default data and the user custom fields would be on bubble’s DB

Best bet is probably to roll this as a custom plugin… using something like jQuery QueryBuilder. Then pass the output of that to your actual SQL calls/handle display of results. Tricky part will be display of results since it they could be in any shape… you’d need a robust way of interpreting/displaying those.

Google something like “Javascript SQL query builder” for other implementations along with potential result interpreters. Good luck!

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