Is there any way to do a "search for" with airtable as data source

Hi Everyone,

I have different use case for which the “search for” functionality seems to be the solution.
E.g. Filtering, search box or returning a count of a value in the database

In my case the data sit in airtable and and if not mistaken it is not possible to do a “search for” with airtable as data source.

Does anyone see an alternative that I could look into?

Many thanks


@attia.azab Having the same question here. Meanwhile, have you found out?

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You need to create one or more API calls with API connector plugin and enable them as a data source.

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Hi @shpak.serhiy thanks for your answer. Would you explain like I was a 5 years old kid? I’m very new on Bubble and miss some context. Screenshots would be gold.

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