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Can Bubble parse a response from an EventBrite webhook directly?


I’m integrating Bubble and EventBrite in my app and need to get real-time data back from EventBrite to Bubble when new attendees signed up via EventBrite.

My question is: Can I use the EventBrite Webhook (json response) and pull that directly into a Bubble workflow, or do I need something like Zapier (a Bubble plugin) for Bubble to understand the response? (Eventbrite is not an existing Bubble plugin)

I’m solving for Step #2. My overall workflow looks like this:

  1. Bubble (create event) --> POST via Bubble Connector --> EventBrite (now has my new event)
  2. EventBrite (people signup for my new event) --> EventBrite Webhook (informs Bubble someone has signed up, super!)
  3. Bubble --> GET via Bubble connector --> EventBrite (to retrieve new information about the new register) … Perhaps this step is unnecessary if the webhook contains the same info? Not clear to me.

The EventBrite Webhook response looks like this:

I need to move data about the event into my Bubble database. How have others tackled this with other APIs? Can I use the webhook response directly or do I need to use something like Zapier to translate it?

Appreciate any guidance.


I’m doing something similar with Zapier, and this is working quite well for me. I have a zap that:

  1. parses an email from my Google Apps domain
    (… 1b. and strips a string from the to address as a unique id)
  2. sends the attachment to DropBox
  3. Uses Zapier’s Webhook zap to post a number of pieces of the email to my app’s Bubble API to post (using the Workflow Post API). The API then stores data from the email and data from Dropbox to my Bubble app.

I’m including screenshots of my Zap and bubble API images for you to see.

Wedbhooks by Zapier, POST “Edit Template” screen actions

And headers for authenticating:

Bubble API Workflow Endpoint

Bubble API Workflow “Create New Thing”

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Thanks Saeed,

Just to recap:

Gmail -> Zap -> Dropbox -> Zap -> Bubble?

Why involve Dropbox? In other words, Is it possible to do a Gmail -> Zap -> Bubble?

Hi Saeed,

Another question for you. How did you know what URL to use to target your endpoint in Bubble?

@sridharan.s Here are my responses.

1. Why Dropbox?

  • Really wanted to provide a backup with version control (I’ve a Dropbox business account). We could have used another service (Google Cloud or Amazon) but decided on Dropbox since it also offered a user friendly interface for our admin and staff to interact with among other uses.
  • Dropbox also gives me an immediately sharable url with a short url. (May not seem like a big issue, but really essential to me).
  • I’m also collecting the original (png, doc/x, txt, etc.) and converting it to a pdf if it’s not pdf and wanted a place to store all the original versions too.

You could totally do this without Dropbox if your use case depicted so.

2. What Endpoint?

The API Docs tell you more about this. The long and short of it is to use the following convention for an API workflow: 
or, if you have a domain configured,

Of course, the test version will need to utilize “version-test” in between the domain and api ( )

Hope that helps.

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Awesome response. Got it working.

Adding some screenshots for future folks…

Soln to GET real-time data from EventBrite -> Bubble =
EventBrite -> Zapier (EventBrite Integration to a Webhook) -> Bubble (endpoint)

1.Create an EventBrite Event
2.Create a Zap (EventBrite -> POST Webhook)

3.Create Enpoint in Bubble


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Glad you got it!

This is helpful, but for the Eventbrite use case why do you need to have Zapier involved at all? Shouldn’t you be able to configure the Bubble API directly to the Eventbrite webhook? (note, I don’t know how to do this yet but would like to confirm that I’m at least on the right path. I’d prefer not to add Zapier if it’s not necessary).

It’s been a while since I used this. I don’t think Zapier is required. It may have been at the time (don’t recall) but the newer version of Bubble’s API should be able to handle this.

Additionally, I believe zapier does have better support in case a POST fails since it’ll run it again until it works I believe.

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Probably the tool mentioned in this post could help?