New public beta: Zapier plugin!

Hi all,

We are super excited to announce the public beta of our new Zapier plugin! We’ve been working on this for a while with our friends at Zapier, and we’re excited to make it available to all of you.

In case you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s a tool that lets you connect various web products together using connections called “Zaps”. When setting up a Zap, you choose some event in one product as a “trigger”, which will then set off an “action” in another product. Zapier’s library has connections to over 2,000+ web services, so there are a lot of possible use cases!

With this new plugin, your Bubble app can act on either the trigger or action side of a Zap. For triggers, your app can use the new workflow action “Trigger a Zapier zap” - this means the workflow will set off a particular Zap you’ve configured in your Zapier account. For actions, your Zap can create, delete or modify things in your Bubble app database (like via the Data API) or even kick off a workflow (like via a Workflow API). As you’re setting up a Zap in Zapier’s interface, Zapier and Bubble will talk to each other to make that experience more seamless.

(Note: Bubble had a previous Zapier plugin published many years ago which was simpler in its capabilities. This new plugin represents a much deeper integration with Zapier and a better user experience!)

What are some examples of Zaps you could create with this?

  • When an end-user clicks a button in your Bubble app, update a particular Google Doc or Sheet
  • When an Airtable record is updated, ‘push’ those changes to your Bubble app
  • When a tweet mentions you, create a record of it in your Bubble app and kick off a to-do
  • When a Trello board (or other project management tool) is updated, kick off the next step in a process in your Bubble app
  • When a user makes a transaction on your Bubble app, push information about it to Quickbooks

…and much more! To some degree, Zaps can help you achieve the same outcomes as what you might do via a plugin or the API Connector. But, some of these outcomes will actually be easier to achieve via this Zapier integration, given Zapier’s wide library of integrations and friendly no-code interface.

This plugin is now publicly available as a beta - you’ll find the plugin available in the Bubble marketplace and you’ll find Bubble as both a trigger and action in Zapier’s library. Documentation about this plugin can be found here. During this beta phase, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any bugs.

What are some Zaps that you’re looking forward to creating? Share some of your ideas here - other Bubble users may be inspired by them!


Sam & the Bubble team


Was looking forward to this from a long time! Excited!

I have been waiting for thissss.
Gonna try it now.

Seems like the old Bubble Zapier connection is the only option available in Zapier library? Anyone else noticing this or am I not seeing the new Bubble integration?

2 quick questions. I use bubble as an action.

  1. I don’t have a Thing ID in my zapier (but it is required… not sure what this one is).

  2. I don’t have email Fields for type user. How can I have one? I’m a B2B so I want to change a thing of my customers. I think I need email to specify which customer it is that I’m modifying.

Pure awesomeness :slight_smile:

Look forward to testing! :heart_eyes:

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Ah, now I understand.
If I modify a thing then I need to input Thing ID. But if I create a new thing new I don’t need to input it.
Is there a way to dynamically insert Thing ID?

Zapier is expensive, that’s the only downside. Integromat or any other API Library can do the trick as well. If you ask me, integromat is the best alternative.

50.000 tasks per month for $499 at Zapier
40.000 operations per month for $29 at Integromat


Hello @nocodeventure,

Do you think Integromat is better than Parabola?

Parabola falls into the same category as Zapier for me, it costs approx $500 per month for 40.000 operations.

@ryanck Parabola actually charges a flat fee for the flow itself on top of the above mentioned operations. Pricing | Parabola


I have been using integromat for quite a while now as well as zapier - my preference is Integromat.

Have just started using Integromat with Bubble and no complaints yet…

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Absolutely right and agreed, integromat is the best choice, it also offers much more than zapier, it’s a fact!

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I often move clients to Integromat since the integrations and error codes are much better than Zapier. With that said, Integromat Operations aren’t the same as Zapier tasks.

If you set up a task to poll for data in Integromat, it’s one operation every time it polls - in Zapier its free. This means if something polls for data every 15 minutes, that’s 3,000 tasks/mo. Zapier also doesn’t count any triggers as tasks.

With that said, Integromat can make up for it because you can format data inside tasks, whereas you need to do that inside separate steps for Zapier. So if you need to format a first name, last name, and company name, that’s three tasks in Zapier whereas it would all be one step as it pushes data with Integromat.


Hi there,

How do you retrieve in Zapier a value that in Bubble comes from a connected Thing? I just can see the unique id.

Thanks a lot.

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In case anyone isn’t finding the beta version, go here to find it:


Hey there,

with this plugin, is it possible to get and post data from or to facebook pages of users? Or does every user have to have a Zapier account then?

If your users add “your” facebook account (email) as part of their page editors, so using your own zapier account you will be able to post on their pages.

can you tell us how you use it ?

I keep getting this error! Any idea how I can fix it?

I’m getting this error too @sam8

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