Can I add a Bubble login to wordpress page

Hello, I am new to Bubble, just going through some courses on Code Free Startup. I have been building sites in wordpress for about `10 years and would like to make my landing page in wordpress, but have the login tie into the bubble app on the subdomain, I think an iframe could achieve this but is there a better option?

Hello fellow WordPress builder! Right now I haven’t been able to get an external OAuth-style login to work from WordPress (will be hiring out this dev work later this year in order to build a WP plugin as I have the same need as you).

My temporary solution is pretty simple: place an email input on a WordPress form (I’m using Gravity Forms but any should work) and after a person fills in a valid email they are taken to my Bubble landing page with the encoded email saved in the URL, ie: user fills in and they’re taken to

In Bubble, when the /login page loads I have a workflow that auto-completes the email portion of the login form and auto-focuses to the password field. Seems to be a pretty smooth UX flow for the time being until I get OAuth working from WP.


Hi Philip, That is a beautiful solution, thanks so much for the response, I have been itching to install my genesis template and get to work on my landing page! I love the idea of marrying the functionality of bubble with the ease of design and other wordpress attributes. Thanks again!

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