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Can I automatically sign up my users in another web app

Hi guys, so to not waste your time here’s the situation in simple terms.

My app promise is to allow international students to apply for multiple scholarships at the same time.

I created my app so that when a student complete his profile setup he basically can apply to almost any scholarship he’s eligible for.

How can I use the provided info of the student provided to me through their profiles to automatically sign them up in their chosen scholarships.

I can’t figure out another way to do this other than to use a manual approach, but as you can imagine this isn’t a good solution in any way possible.

Can automate this process even if the scholarship providers don’t offer any API for me to use?

To recap: I want to take the sign up info of my users to sign them up in another unrelated website that I don’t own or have any special access to. Can I automate this process?

No you can’t automate this. The best you can do is to display the list of eligible scholarships with relevant links to students.

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