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Can i build an app on Bubbile that is integrated with a few API's ? So my end users will be able to add their respective API Key and will be able to user the application

Hey, I am ideating a product that will be built by connecting with a few cloud application API’s . Now my end users will be able to use the product by adding the API keys of the applications. Can I build this type of product on Bubble? I just want to know if I can. If Yes, then I will learn and build on my own.

For Eg - To give you an idea. I am building a product that will send notifications on Slack for payment failures on Stripe. Both of these applications have API’s. My users will just add API Keys in my product and that’s it. The product will handle the rest. (I am aware this can be automated on Zapier, but I want to know if i can create a product on Bubble.)

Jep, definitely possible! :slight_smile:

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Can also confirm as possible. I’ve done similar things. Good luck

Hey @devin.fraze , Is there a way where I can test this?

Nope, but I can confirm it’s possible. Search the forums to find similar examples if you get stuck, but the most important thing you can do is start building.

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