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Add my app to Zapier for clients to build integrations

I am looking for a way to add my app to Zapier, so my clients can integrate it to other apps. Has anyone done that? Is it possible with Bubble apps?

Note that I am not asking how to connect Bubble and Zapier, I know how to do that, I want MY USERS to be able to authenticate using their accounts and build integrations in Zapier, connecting my app to other apps (such as AirTable, Slack etc).

I know there’s a process to add your app to Zapier, but I don’t know how to do it with bubble apps - not even if it’s possible. Someone has a clue?

Yes completely possible, I have built custom Zapier apps in the past. You need to build a custom Zapier app which would have your bubble backend api endpoints as actions or triggers. You will need to use the OAuth authentication method.

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