Can I change the color of an input's Placeholder text?

I can’t find an option in the style editor to change the color of an input’s Placeholder text color.

It would be nice to be able to change it as in my design the placeholder’s default color is very close to the color I use to the input field’s color but it wouldn’t be an issue if I could make the placeholder text brighter.


We don’t support this yet. Last time we looked into it there was some discrepancies among browsers. I’ll check again

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If the input is not white or similarly bright color then the placeholder is almost invisible now.
I can do a workaround by creating a button with the same style and writing the placeholder text in it and when it’s clicked then I hide it and focus on the original input but it’d be easier to just change the color of the placeholder.
Let me know.

same here. color btw placeholder and the input value is confusing sometimes.
For now I’ll change the input color when the input is not empty, but a default option would be better.

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A simple workaround though consists in leaving the placeholder empty, then adding a text on top of your input and have this text hidden when the user clicks the input.


We just added this. You can’t pick the color for technical reasons, but you can select a main one.

Let us know how it goes.


Is it possible to add support for Hex Colors for the placeholder color? That would be very useful. Thanks!

No it’s not possible

Thanks, is this due to browser conflicts? Or, why not?

I just tried using this feature. But the presence of the Placeholder color dropdown isn’t consistent.
Some input elements show it and some don’t.