Color picker for input placeholder

Why there are different methods to color an element !? eg.: transparency by number, transparency by slide-bar …and …incredible !!! …preset of colors like in placeholder.

In fact, in placeholder, the color black is too black, the color gray is a light gray.

For me, it’s a very bad limitation.

Please, implement soon as possible. Tnx

FYI - You have the ability to adjust the placeholder colors so they’re custom for your app. This makes it really easy to choose the same exact colors again and again which is quite useful.

I also agree it’d be nice if all of the transparency sliders became number inputs (I’ve seen a gradual move this direction) since it enables us to be more precise and consistent with the transparency. Not a pressing item, of course, but small usability improvements like this add up.

How do we set the placeholder colors @sridharan.s?

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Hey @patricia… It’s over on Settings / General

@mebeingken I can only see the color palette and that does not change my placeholder text defaults. Am I looking in the wrong place?

We used the color palette to change our default colors. Just a guess - perhaps you just have to refresh the editor afterwards?

Colour palette simply gives a set of the seven colours you want to use most often so you don;t need to retype the hex value every time. It does not change the placeholder test color … that is a pre-configured list which you can find under Styles. Unless I’m wrong, you must have changed your placeholder color using code somewhere. If you can find the answer I would love to know because it is something I could really do with.

Sorry, my bad…conflated Placeholder with Color palette. I’ve never seen a place to change the Placeholders.

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Likewise. We didn’t change the “default” colors, just the 7 colors that are available with a 1-click.

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@studio.purracchio - with all our chatting back and forth, we haven’t found a solution for you. What we should have done was do a forum search … according to Emmanuel in this post it’s not possible Can I change the color of an input's Placeholder text? at least on standard bubble that is. But in another thread, he went on to say those plugin providers could do it safely so I searched the plugins and @lottemint has provided us with a free plugin to do exactly that

Caveat … I have not tried it … yet.

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Thank You Very Much !!!

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