Using the Editor : Deploy only Part of an App - Posible?

HI ppl,
As a Newbie on Bubble I’m trying to figure out if Bubble allows one to
deploy only some selected pages or sections of an App ?

Let say I d deploy only the Index page…while improoving another 2nd page until its satisfying.
Is that what :
Deployment with versions… are meant for ?

It doesn’t seem to allow this, but it’s much needed. Like in Muse where there are page level properties for “export (publish) this page”.

Unless I’ve missed something, this is not currently a capability. There IS a criteria/operator for “is dev mode”. You could drop a condition that redirects EVERYONE when they hit a page that is dev mode (think of as “unpublished”) only.

This isn’t super easy to manage, but since “Workflows” are the highest level of organization in Bubble at present, it has to do.

Thanks Keith, very helpfull. If there is a Sugestion topics I d like to post this idea.
…will try to set some way like what you suggest with the WF. otherwise I’d be thinking of using another free account to run test on unpublished part of a project…