Can I create a Customer Data Platform using Bubble?

I would like to create a CDP similar to Segment and mParticle. Basically, the idea is to interconnect different tools together using their APIs. I want to create user profiles, similar to Segment’s users view in which I can see the data of all my clients under their own profile.

Here’s an example:

I own an e-commerce business in which I sell groceries and household items. I want to be able to create a profile for every customer and track the following:

  • Items purchased
  • Frequency of purchases
  • Pages visited on my site (user tracking)
  • Carts abandoned
  • Products added to the cart
  • Login dates and times
  • Email address
  • Location (City, State and country)
  • Emails opened
  • Whether or not the user downloaded my mobile app

I want to then use that data to automate push notifications, emails and other forms of marketing.

Is this possible to do using Bubble?

Yes,It is absolutely possible.
You can search this implementation in forum for your dB.

You should had to search before posting.
There’s are already these topics in our forum.

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