Can I do this? Assign a value associated with clickable icon and use that value in a calculation

When the user clicks on an icon, how can I record that value associated with that icon (1-7) and use that number in a calculation?


If the user selects the icon labeled “4,” I want to use 4 in a calculation that is displayed in a field beneath the row of numbered icons.

Create a workflow for each icon > set a custom state (type number) to equal the number you want for that icon > use that custom state’s value for the field.

Clicking on each icon will change the state to that value, which will in turn change the field to display.

To set a custom state: element action > set state > select an element to attach this state to > define the type of value (in your case, number) > enter the value for this workflow.

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ihi Gaby, i am trying to make similar system where a plus(+) sign icon would be used to add 1 point to a input field. like input’s value+1 when icon+ is clicked is yes…

is that possible . ?