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Getting a few values , make a calculation and show an output

Hey All,
This might be very basic, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’d like the user to insert a few values , which I figured out how. What I didn’t figure out is how to take those inputs, make the calculation I’d like with them and then show it to the user after clicking a button. Can anyone guide me?



Was hoping somebody can address that.

If you start to build something in the forum app it’ll be easier for others to help you.

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Hi - Not sure what kind of calculations you’re trying to make, but you could do this using a custom state.

For example:

1) Create two input boxes with the content type set to Integer
2) Create a group Called "Answer" with a text field inside. * 3) Create a button. Edit the button's workflow to Element Actions **->** Set state **->** Group Answer **->** Create custom state called "answer" **->** Value="Input A's value + Input B's value" * 4) Edit your answer text field so the displayed text is Insert dynamic data **->** Group Answer's answer. * That's it!



Thanks, this is what I needed!