Can I make an app like this in Bubble?

Hi Everyone,

I discovered years ago, but I never used it since it was very slow in Italy. Pages took ages to load, so learning it wasn’t a great choice at that time.

I’ve tried it again recently, and I can see major improvements has been made.

I usually create websites with Webflow and Wordpress, but a client asked me for a simple web app. Even though it really is “simple”, it’s not doable with a plugin, and my developer said the budget is too thin for him (it’s about 5000$, so not enough for a custom build).

That’s what the client needs:

  • Users will need to register with their personal info AND their dog info. Their dog info should be placed inside a database

  • Once you register, you can log in inside a reserved area. In that area, you should be able to:

  • record every crysis your dog have
  • register every treatment

And those are two basic forms.

After that, you will have

  • a calendar view showing how the crysis are going day-by-day
  • a graph showing the gradual intensity of the crysis.

Here’s a video of the app they want to emulate:

So, the question is: is this doable in A simple MVP can be enough for now, but it needs to work properly and load fast.

Let me know, please :slight_smile:

Yes, you should be able to do all of that in Bubble without much trouble. Additionally, you may want to “code” it as a single page app so the page transitions are particularly fast. There are a number of posts in the forum on how to implement it this way, including using URL parameters for each view (many benefits to this).

If you’re still just learning Bubble, you may want to hire someone to help you with setting up the foundation as well as solve any “coding” challenges that you run into trouble with. You could probably find someone who will do the coding with you watching/learning on Skype. Would probably take half a day or something to get the foundation built. Then, you could build in all of the detail on the UI, etc. Just an idea, simply because there’s a bit of a learning curve to Bubble.

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That’s a good idea. Where can I find some mentors and what’s the medium hourly cost?

I was only able to find the agency tab, but I don’t want to hire someone, I want to learn while doing :wink:

I’d recommend searching the forum to find mentors and/or adding a post saying you’re looking for a freelancer who can help. Each of the Bubblers that run Bubble training classes are typically really good, and they all seem to market themselves in the forum.

In my experience, it’s cheaper to pay more for a really good Bubble developer than it is to spend longer to do the same work with an average one. Good ones typically charge $75-125/hr, give or take. Additionally, there are many developers that are cheaper (likely starting around $10/hr) but if you’re going to do most of the work, then you’d want someone really good who can get the project architected and started in the right direction (e.g., ~4 hours) and then someone who can help with the parts you can’t solve. The cheaper ones often aren’t very good at either of those types of tasks, in my experience.

I get your point. I need this to work, not to spare some penny :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for some other feedback on the app, then I’ll gladly search for a mentor :slight_smile:

I think that will also function as a plan b. If I can’t learn it, I can then simply ask the mentor to do the “coding” part and I’ll just do the design :slight_smile:

That should be very easy to achieve actually. I don’t see any complex function in that app.