Can I make this chart with Chart Elements?

I’m trying to make a chart to track new user activation. Specifically, to display the % of users, grouped into daily cohorts, creating a post thing within 48 hours of sign up.

Bar chart. X axis would be days. Y axis would be % of signups creating a post thing within 48 hours of sign up.

Example: two users sign up on 11/10/20. One posts within 48 hours. One doesn’t. Y-value for 11/10/20 is 0.5

I’m trying to get this done using the Bubble Chart Element plugin.

I don’t currently have any field that would directly track this. I suppose I could create a field on user “post within 48” and, everytime a user is created, schedule an api workflow for 48 hours to update the field.

But, even if I did that, I’m not sure I could make the chart.

The Y value = (count of new users posting in 1st 48 hrs) / (count of new users on a given day)

I could make a chart with the either:

  • count of new users users posting in 1st 48 hrs
  • count of new users

But it’s not clear to me how to use the quotient of the two bulleted numbers as the y value.

Any advice on how to make this chart? Thanks!

Instead of creating a scheduled workflow, you could instead have a yes/no value in the user data type called “PostedIn48Hrs”. Then when the user posts, work out whether their account was created within the last 48hrs, and if so update the field to yes.