Can I provide html to paste onto other people's websites? Like installing a chatbot

Hi all,

I was wondering, if someone were to build a SaaS app that required installation on the user’s website, like copying an html snippet to install Intercom or a chat system into the header of your site, is this possible?

I’m a seasoned Bubble user, but I have never come across this kind of functionality or how it would work with Bubble so any ideas would be appreciated


Would also like to know this!

I think it needed a little bit of code to do it.

How would you recommend to do it?

Hi @jona

Sorry for the delay.

You can just use an iframe, then disable the iframe x-frame setting in Bubble and render it in there.

Then you can use URL parameters to send and set the iframe url and use ‘Get from url’ calls in Bubble to retrieve data.

Hope that helps,