Can you create a third-party tool with bubble?


Let’s say I want to create a live chat app like Crisp (not the case but it illustrates well my question).

People come to my app, and they have to install a snippet code in their website in the head section.

Is it possible to create something like this using Bubble? If yes how? Couldn’t find anything online as I don’t know what term I should look for.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you can embed your app as an iFrame.

For one of my apps I have a page

Then, the user can just embed the page as an iFrame on their website. So, for your chat app, that URL might look like:[companyUniqueID]. Trouble is there’s not a straightforward way to ensure the embed is only valid on certain domains (technically speaking someone could embed this on their own site, though I can’t see why they’d want to).

This was a very rudimentary example which displays a button on the bottom right of the screen that opens the chat window when clicked. I just allow the user to copy the HTML code from a button.


Thanks but it looks more like a workaround than what I’m looking for.

The user of the live chat has to integrat an iframe while I’m looking for the users to paste a head code and that’s it.

I didn’t find anything about doing this with bubble online, so maybe it’s just not possible at all?

That’s literally all I said.

Ok so I misunderstood sorry.

What I don’t understand in your example is how the “client” website (the one installing the live chat on their website) integrates it. Can you elaborate on this please? Thank you and sorry again.

I wrote some basic HTML code. This is displayed with a copy to clipboard button on my site. The user just copies the HTML and pastes the HTML anywhere on their website.

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