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Can I run calculations on a special page?

I’m thinking about creating a page that isn’t going to be accessed by users - the idea would be that it’ll be used to calculate data using the “do when condition is true” workflow action.

I have many datasets coming from a patient’s examination, after the examination I want to calculate a score that’s based on 704 different datasets.

It takes about 3 minutes to get the score of the calculation so Instead of calculating when a button is clicked, I want to put all the examinations in a line - and calculate the score of the next examination no matter what page the user is viewing.

On this page I’d do a search for the next uncalculated examination and run the calculation, once done I’d assign the score to it and examine the next one.

My question is, will bubble run these workflows when the condition is true no matter if this page is actually opened by a user or not correct?

The page has to be opened to trigger the workflow.

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