Can I schedule daily recurring events on the personal plan?


Are you able to schedule a daily recurring event on the personal plan?

My current planned backend workflow is:

  1. Delete a list from database
  2. Create a new list in database using data from an external api

This would need to run every 24 hours. Can I do this on a personal plan?

Otherwise I would need to pull thousands of points of data from the external api every few seconds and that would be significantly harder on the servers.

Hi there, @EthanB… sorry to be the bearer of “bad” news…


Thank you @mikeloc. It seems crazy to me that this is the only way to do this kind of functionality within bubble. Having to pay $1400/yr just to schedule even a single daily workflow seems insane.

The only way I can see to get around this is to have my application to get the data from the external API for every page load for every user. This seems like it would have a huge effect on the bubble servers in comparison to one daily workflow.

Maybe someone from @staff could give some insight?

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@EthanB you can get around this by simply rescheduling your workflow inside the workflow.

Set up your endpoint and make the first action be “schedule an API workflow’ and set the date to ‘current date/time +days 1’.

You will have to kick it off manually the first time but from there it works exactly the same as a daily recurring action.


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