Schedule an API Workflow on a list without page trigger/Event

I want to delete once a day every things from a type with “Temporary” field is “yes”, ( which happens when a user starts filling a form and the browser closes before hitting cancel or save)

I want this to happen once a day, without being triggered by any page event.

How would i do it?

Using “Schedule an API Workflow on a list” means that i would need to trigger it from a page event, is this the standard way to do it, or can i trigger it automatically every day?

And does my “personal” plan support this?

You can use a trigger recurring event action, but you need to be on a team plan to do this monthly. You just need to initiate it once from the page, and then it’ll run every day.

thanks, but being on a “personal” or “pro” plan, is there any other solution to solve this problem i have?

Currently it’s a feature we offer on the team plan

Hi Emmanuel. Any plans to make this available on other paid plans? It’s quite an important one. :grin: