Can I submit free template without Stripe?

I want to create free templates and plugins.
Is Stripe connection required with FREE Template and Plugin too?

If they are free there is most probably no need to have a payment provider since there will be no payments to be made.

I submitted a free template without Stripe settings. It seems like it’s not approved by the Bubble team

If bubble rejected your plugin/template, they most likely would have added in a reason. If not, I suggest you go through their acceptance requirements and ensure you are following them all.

I don’t know if it’s rejected or not. There is no status on the marketplace page

Once you have completed the template. You can submit it for review. If it is approved, you will likely get an email from bubble saying it is now live and it will be visible for all on the bubble marketplace.

If it is rejected, you will get an email from bubble for the same and it wont be available on the bubble marketplace.

I do not think there are any statuses shown.

Hope this helps.

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thank you so much