Can i take a screenshot for a group only?

I am working on educational website , and i want to take screen shot of a group ( only the group that contains image and text ) and save the result of the screenshot in the database ! is there any available plugin ?
Thanks in advance

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@hassan_salamah Not sure what format you need to export as, but you could export using this one to a pdf with your use-case. This one allows to target elementIDs, so you could just give the group an ID and reference it when exporting.

Thanks a lot @Taiheta ,sorry for the delay i didn’t noticed the notification for your replay . unfortunately , i have tried it , but the result display without the image , also i don’t know how i can save the result in the DB ? did you try it before and worked with you ?

Thanks for the reply , but unfortunately this plugin is not the correct one for my goal ! there is another plugin called : , but the developer not reply to messages , also it needs 2 action to download the image and not directly download the image and not support for all language texts (RTL) !

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Hi, I read the same issue in that thread. @Bubbleboy states another paid plugin works.

Thanks , even this plugin , i have purchased it for 30$ , But unfortunately this plugin:
1-Needs 2 action to download the image and not directly downloading the image , you need to generate another button to download the image
2-Plugin doesn’t support all language texts especially (RTL) !
also the developer is not active on the platform nor reply to any one!! , i have even asked for a freelancer to work on a new plugin similar to the last plugin ,but most of them asked for very high price more than 300 $ !!

  • I am looking for any suggestions or similar plugin available in bubble that can help me but i didn’t find it till now !!
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Oh I see you already mentioned to in your reply to Lantzgould. I think your best option would be to try and create something yourself. I have very little javascript knowledge so can’t help you there but I find trial and error using code from stackoverflow helps.

Another thing you could try is using group with background as image to see if that works for Corduly’s plugin. Maybe it is just the image element that has problem.

i have tried that, by removing the image element and adding the image as a background of the group , but the plugin is not seeing the image ,that’s way it show the background color only !
Thanks for the resources too but i am also not pro in JS , and i need sometime with the language. Kindly if you found any solution or know someone who can help , message me .
Again thanks a lot for trying to help ,really appreciate it

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