Can I use api or sql connector to connect to Bubble's RDS directly?

I have an application with a massive filter function that massively slows my Bubble page down, the plan is to instead do querying on the database on each filter since it’s not a big app this action shouldn’t throttle my database much.
The database can’t be changed easily at this stage.

The question is can I just connect to my Bubble’s amazon RDS directly?
I’m not familiar with Amazon enough apart from the fact that there are some security settings and IAM settings that might prevent this upright.

Any suggestion or help is appreciated :slight_smile:

What’s your “massive” filter function and why do you need it?

Sorry for the unclearness.

The table has 20 + columns and using Bubble’s filter options along with a repeating table.
I’m having someone looked through the implementations of these elements to improve the speed.

But for now I’m mostly just curious about the possibility of doing a direct query + show on the repeating group rather than having Bubble filter through the data on page.

That doesn’t exactly help.

What I’m trying to say is,
instead of having Bubble load a limited amount of rows and filter them using basic workflow with repeating group showing each entry in my 20+ column table,

can I call an api or an sql connector from my workflow to my Bubble’s amazon RDS and show the resulting query onto my repeating group showing entry of my 20+ column table.

rn the filtering is done on page, the full data is loaded and filtered on workflow.
And instead if I have it done with a query command to the database on Amazon RDS, would that be possible?