Can i use bubble to build apps that operate in EU?

Hi everyone,

I am based in EU and I would like to start building apps using bubble io. These apps would be focused on EU region for starters and I am curious if this is achievable with bubble io. Is there anyone who’s experienced the same issue and can share some guidelines?
Are there any alternative no-code,low code tools that are GDPR compliant? Or is there some other workaround?
Would really appreciate any help!

Nothing is inherently ‘GDPR compliant’ in reality.

You could look at Softr which tries to be.

Alternatively, what is it about Bubble that you can’t work with in terms of GDPR? Am assuming that the data is stored in the USA.

Ways round it in t&C’s to a certain extent. Or use an external database.

Hi Nigel, thanks for chipping in!
I was reading yesterday about privacy shield being revoked and that currently, only way to be GDPR compliant is to buy dedicated servers from bubble io which I cannot do in validation phase where I am at now.

Could you share an example of how this could be solved with toc’s or external databases?
So Softr is an European company which should increase the chances of them being GDPR compliant?
Looking forward to get more advice on the topic.