Can I use Gamification?

Hi, I’d like to build an iPhone and Android app using Bubble and would like to know if I can build in gamification? If so, are there any available tutorials?

What do you mean by gamification? Something like a badging system? If so, there’s no reason you couldn’t build this on Bubble. I’m not aware of any specific tutorials, but building a system like this is just leveraging several other, well-defined systems into something new. Have you done the official Bubble tutorials yet?

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@andrewgassen Th ank you. Where can I find the tutorials?

@andrewgassen …and yes by gamification I mean like badges, rewards, points system, etc

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I’m also exploring different ways to build gamification into the current app I’m working on. Still just researching concepts and how to best approach it. I’ve seen a few posts related to achievements and leaderboards but nothing concrete. What I’ve gathered so far seems to revolve around using API workflows to do the heavy lifting for the gamification portions.

I found some articles through Google that discussed potential database structures for gamification that were helpful. I can see if I can find them again, if you like. It gave me a few ideas.


Hi @TechieInAK! Thank you for your response. I couldn’t find anything on a google about Bubble and gamification so if you could share those links that would be great!

Here’s a couple:


@TechieInAK Thank you!

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Hello, i am exploring the same thing now for my bubble app. So how did you do it please ?