Gamification Examples

Are there any examples of gamification or a gamified app on this platform?

I’m sure there are thousands of Bubble apps using gamification elements. Don’t see any reason why it’d be any different than apps built with custom code.

I was hoping someone could point me to some examples.

It’d be the same as other websites, so nothing Bubble specific per se.

If you’re looking to get smart about gamification, I’d recommend reading Yu-Kai Chou’s blog or book.


Thank you for the imput. I am already certified in gamification from 2 different organizations and I follow Yu-Kai Chou. I don’t code, so I am more interested in how to make that happen on Bubble.


Awesome. Are you looking to build a specific product or just trying to understand what implementation of various game mechanics might look like.

I don’t know that there’s much Bubble “code” that’s public on how to implement various game mechanics. That said, once you understand how to “code” in Bubble, then it becomes mostly obvious how to put the pieces together to achieve your desired outcome.

I took a video course that showed how to build an AirBnB clone in Bubble and found that to be a quick way to both understand the scope of what’s possible in Bubble and how to go about building common component of web apps. There are a lot of ways to learn Bubble now, though, so you can choose from different formats (videos, tutorials, group coaching, 1:1 coaching, etc.). There are also a few YouTube channels for Bubble that provide short video clips that cover many of the most common components of building in Bubble.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks again. I am looking a building a specific product. I am going through videos now. I will look on YouTube also.

With my Bubble project users earn points whenever they add comments. There’s also a leaderboard page which shows the users with the most points in the last 7 days. So, not to most extensive gamification, but it’s something I guess…? :smiley:

If you need help with setting something like that up, let me know!


Most probably. There is no public comprehensive directory of Bubble apps however.

Your question seems a bit odd because I believe gamification is completely platform agnostic.

I gamified our home chores and keep records and leaderboards on a physical notebook.

If your question is: can I create an app in Bubble and apply gamification techniques. Sure as hell you can. As soon as you through the tutorials you will understand why.

Having access to examples of bubble gamified apps or not is actually irrelevant because the implementation will depend on the bubble and gamification skills of the developer and not so much on what you can actually achieve with Bubble.

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We have an enterprise level app in Alpha with corporate clients which uses Gamification to drive all elements of engagement. My advice would be to think outside the box and do you research otherwise you might find you are implementing gamification elements no one wants.

Good luck!

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FYI… you can get the book for free by completing free missions on Octalysis Prime Island…

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Hi I would want to set something up like this could you help?