Can I use variables that can be exchanged between the front end and back end?

Variable X is of numeric type.
On the front page it displays.
In my backend workflow, I have a schedule that runs once a week
In it, I would like to perform processing to add +1 to variable X.
Is there any functionality that can be brought from the back end to the front side?

Currently no, backend workflows are incapable of returning data unlike custom events (which was recently added as well)

As a workaround, you could call APIs to your own app using the API connector.

What’s your use case if I may ask?

If you already have this variable (I’m assuming a data type or a field), you could make changes to this thing and it would still reflect in your frontend since it’s dynamic.

If it’s static data, then disregard what I said

ah I see
All you have to do is create a data type that will be treated as a variable and make changes to it.
I think it can be solved, thank you