Can I wrap two native apps from one bubble project?

I am building a delivery app and need to have a client app and a driver app.

Is it possible to build both in the same project (on two separate pages) and wrap them separately? I think if I do this, then they will both be connected to the same database for easy data retrieval.

Any advice appreciated!

From my understanding, yes, if you have a variable and conditional on each page. You’d want to add a field to each user denoting their status, then hide all elements you want hidden if they’re of one type and all elements of the other if they’re the other type. It sounds like it could get complex, so I’d advise discussing with your wrapping provider. BDK is very helpful!

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By having a variable and conditional on each page, do you mean on each group in that page? I can’t select “This element is visible” on the page itself, but can do it on every group (page) like landing, home, etc.
Thanks for the advice on BDK!


For certain pages, you can have a workflow that says “when this page is loaded” and add it there. Generally you’d want to make sure those users couldn’t access those pages anyway by hiding buttons or links, and setting privacy rules.

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