Can I zoom in/out an image in Bubble?

Hi folks! I’m Mayckon.

I found last few weeks and I liked the way of building apps and platforms on it, but I’m facing an issue that I’m not finding any solution to resolve it.

I embed an image block in my bubble dashboard, but the image doesn’t open when I click on it. I really would like to open it as a zoom or lightbox effect.

I’m creating a gallery/album of images and users will have to click them to see it more precisely.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MDouglas !
If you would like the image to be opened when it’s clicked, you can do this in a popup. While if you want the image to be zoomed in when the mouse hovers the image, you can use a plugin called “Zoom on Hover” and here’s the plugin page:

Hope this helps !

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There are bunch of plugins for image display and manipulation. Try searching in Plugins | Bubble