Possible to zoom an image when hovering over it?

I haven’t yet found a way to animate a zoom an image when hovering over it. It’s a technique commonly used on cards.

Example: UX Design Courses | Learn User Experience (UX) Design Online (this zooms AND changes its dimensions. I only need the zoom).

Does anyone know if it can be done in Bubble natively, or through a plugin?

You mean like this?

Hover Image Zoom (bubbleapps.io)


Exactly! Not sure how I missed those plugins :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Thanks!

I’m not using any plugins in this demo…

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No, I assumed it was, without looking at the editor. I went straight to the available plugins and found a lot, so assumed yours was one… Odd there are so many paid plugins for it. Thanks!

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Neat approach Adam :+1:

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