Can results of workflow search be retained?

The ability to search for terms in workflows of a page or object is very helpful, but I frequently find that I need to step through results of the search and the process is tedious.


The search results show six instances of the custom state I’m looking into. I need to look into each instance and the process is tedious because when I click on an instance, the search results close. When it’s time to look at the next instance, I need to repeat the search.

It would be helpful if the results could be detached and float so it’s easy to step through each result.

I know the (global?) search tool works this way, but it doesn’t show references to custom states as cleanly.

Can this be improved?

You won’t be able to do quite what you’re requesting, but I’d recommend changing the name of each element if possible so that you can differentiate between them and know where you left off.

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If I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly you can achieve exactly this by using the App search tool rather than the workflow dropdown. You specify either a workflow action or an event, plus any text search terms.


I just saw this… if you’re already aware of this I must not be following what you’re trying to do

Thanks, @exception-rambler,

Unfortunately, the App search tool doesn’t even work properly. Here’s the workflow search side by side with the App search tool:

Seven to one isn’t even close.

Especially disconcerting is that the App search tool doesn’t even include the top seven exact matches!
The only workflow step it finds is the last one, the not-exact match, “wPlanStopWhenNext”

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