App search tool: where to search for custom states?

Hi all,
I would like to delete some custom states in my app (that I was previously using to allow users to navigate in my one-page app, and i’ve now decided to transition to url parameters instead). I am using the app search tool to spot where I am using those custom states in order to replace them with the right workflows. But I can’t find “custom states” in the app search tool?
I know that I can use the element inspector (on the element where I am setting custom states, which in my case is on my main page directly) to see where custom states are used but i have so many of them that it makes it useless. Anyone had any idea on how to surface where custom states are used?
thank you!

Unfortunately, you can’t use the search tool to find custom states. I started putting most (if not all) of my custom states at the page level for exactly this reason. If you have them all over the place, you are going to have to go looking for them.


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Thanks @mikeloc
I realize that my initial question wasn’t clear. I actually also put all my custom states at the app level. But before deleting one of them, i’d like to know where this custom sate is used (e.g. in workflows, conditional states etc.). I guess I would like a ‘Uses custom state’ option in the app search tool.