Can the FIELD NAMES of a THING be accessed to use in a dropdown or other element - this appears to be inaccessible

First of all, if this has been covered in another post, and you are aware of it, please just direct me to that post. I have found similar questions regarding using lists/dropdowns to select something that you want to change, but I have not found this exact question or answer respectively:

Can I access the actual names of the fields that belong to a thing, and use them in a dropdown or other element? For example, I have a thing called “Contacts” and it has the following fields:

“First name”
“Last name”

I know that I could create another thing that has a field “field name” and then I could manually enter all of the field names, but I would prefer to access the field names in the database directly, so that is always up to date (as well as more technical reasons which I won’t go into). If there is an easy way to access this, I will be eternally grateful to whoever is able to help, but so far, I have not been able to find it. If there is not a means of accomplishing this within the Bubble App itself, perhaps there is a plugin that will help. Any ideas???

Data type names and field names are not something you can manage dynamically. It’s an internal thing for you as app admin only.

Similarly, you also cannot create a new data type or field in a workflow or through any process other than what is available in the Data Type tab.

Well, thank you VERY MUCH for the quick response. Disappointing to say the least, but this is what I expected to hear after my exhaustive search. I’ll see if I can come up with a work-around.

I am not a programmer, which is why I am using Bubble, but it seems that if I exposed an API for my Bubble App, other webapps would be able to query what data types and field names are in the database. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to call my own API? (sorry in advance for my ignorance)

Actually, this feature is something i’m also looking for, and here is why this is so useful:

Imagine you created a multi-select group by using a list of checkboxes, and those checkboxes instead of representing a thing from a type each, it represents a yes/no field in the database each, and now you want to show the parent thing with its list of items that is “yes”, you’ll have to show it in the from of a checkbox, but what if you want to show it in the from a list of text, like tags, where you’ll be able to use the yes/no field’s “field name” as the text for each yes/no field that is “yes”.

Unfortunately you can’t

@emmanuel. That feature would be great. Create and edit columns and / or types