[ANSWERED] Is there a way to display a data type's fields?

I am wanting to dynamically list all of the fields in a data type so I can use that list in different parts of my app. For example, if a data type called “Orders” has 3 fields (Date, Product, Total), I could display a list of just the field names in a dropdown.

Hi there, @eLPDev… unfortunately, the short answer is no.


@mikeloc, ah. Didn’t find that in my searches. Thanks for sharing, but it’s a major bummer this isn’t an option. :frowning_face:

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I would use an option set for this kind of thing. Just make an option set with options that match your thing’s fields.

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I considered that but was hoping to be spared the agony involved as that’s a monumental undertaking with large numbers of types. :persevere:

What a good idea! I’ve been typing a lot of table headers lately, and then it dawned on me (after finishing all of them), they look better in all caps! Putting table headers in options will have it available for styling as CAPITALIZED in dynamic fields, right?