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[ANSWERED] Is there a way to display a data type's fields?

I am wanting to dynamically list all of the fields in a data type so I can use that list in different parts of my app. For example, if a data type called “Orders” has 3 fields (Date, Product, Total), I could display a list of just the field names in a dropdown.

Hi there, @eLPDev… unfortunately, the short answer is no.


@mikeloc, ah. Didn’t find that in my searches. Thanks for sharing, but it’s a major bummer this isn’t an option. :frowning_face:

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I would use an option set for this kind of thing. Just make an option set with options that match your thing’s fields.

I considered that but was hoping to be spared the agony involved as that’s a monumental undertaking with large numbers of types. :persevere: