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Can two repeating groups reference each other?


I want to be able to achieve the below design, but wondering how this would work with repeating groups. The top row are a selectable list of column headings, so let’s say I have 10 column headings a user can choose from and they choose 5, how can I make the 2nd repeating group show data that relates to the column it is under?

My bubble prototype


Hey, @deeknee,

I think you cannot do a filter with a contains list. But you can insert a dropdown with the list of companies instead of the first RG (repeating group).

Then, filter the second RG with something like Company = Dropdown´s value :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

ah ok so as below:

  1. Top layer headers are a list option.
  2. Repeating group reads the top layer filter heading and retrieves that from the DB?