Repeating Group to Filter Repeating Group

Hey All!

There is a function I am trying to create. Think of a “thing” (Thing #1) in the database that is a list of peoples names.

Then there is another “thing” (Thing #2) where one of the fields for each thing is whose name is associated.

I want to make a repeating group with a list of the available names (Thing #1) in some selectable fashion. Then another repeating group where it is listing out all the available information (Thing #2) and use the selection of a name from Thing 1 to filter Thing 2.

It seemed straightforward but I couldn’t quite make it actually work. When you clicked the button nothing would happen even though you had a workflow that used the “Display List” function.

I hacked my way backwards to a simple list of buttons, but this is not going to be very extensible.

Any help appreciated!

This is how I had tried to link one repeating group the other. Looks logical, but didn’t seem to filter anything.

Make thing #2 an actual thing in the dB. Right now it seems to be a text.


Are you trying to have a repeating group (in your example, RG Names) act as buttons to filter a sceond repeating group (RG Money) instead of the pre-built checkbox or drop down or search bar, your app will have as many buttons as you have names ? If so, I think we are both working on a similar feature.

Were you able to figure this out?

Be advised, text matching inside a DB constraint is case sensitive. Keep the buttons inside each row of RG1. Then on-click, perform the display-list-in-RG2 search against current cell’s text. But it is strongle advised, as @cmarchan mentioned that you should isntantiate these as DB objects so that Bubble can perform the search against the native unique ID’s instead of relying on problematic text matching (white spaces, case, etc)

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