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Can user profiles have their own URLs?

Hi, similar to how each Linkedin user has their own directory:

Can this be achieved with Bubble? I want my users to be able to publically share a link directly to their profiles. Ideally, this URL can be customized too.

Would appreciate any help! Happy to do some reading in the documentation but don’t know what to look at.

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Hi @alasdair,

You can try this if it works for your use case:

  1. Make a page which will be the profile page. Let’s call it user-profile for now.
  2. Make this page of user type
  3. whenever a user signs up, create a slug for them based on userName.
  4. this should give you a url of sort: websiteUrl/user-profile/slug

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you so much! This helps a ton, found this link in the docs which is what I think you are talking about:

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Hi, can I ask a follow up?

When I directly load the URL as another user I can’t see 'alasdair’s data.

When I print in a textbox ‘Current Page User is empty’ and load the URL directly, it prints ‘yes’.

I’ve changed the page’s type of content to be user already.

Any ideas of how I should fix this or what I should look up?

Make sure you have a user with the said slug. otherwise there will be nothing to display.

Also, while making the data dynamic, link to the current page user.

I think I figured out the problem!

I needed to create a new data type ‘user-profile’ for the slug to work on the path /user-profile/alasdair.

So now I have a ‘user-profile’ entry with the slug ‘alasdair’

Previously I only had a ‘user’ entry with the slug ‘alasdair’

user-profile doesn’t need to be a separate data type. In my example it is just a page that shows all details for the respective user.

The way slug works is that instead of displaying the uniqueid ( it will display

Hope it helps

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