How can I create custom link for each user profile

Please I need help how can create a custom link for individual users.

Something like this mywebsite/username e.g

I am building a social network. I want that when a user share its profile or another person profile it comes out as or when they share a post too, it comes out clean.

Please can anyone help…? I have tried using slug but I am not getting the result

  1. set the index page data type to “User” - Page Element - Bubble Docs
  2. create slug for every new user - Using Page Slugs - Bubble Docs

But it might be not possible to the index page for users - so you might want to create a separate page “User” for displaying user data. Hence the address will be longer: https:

I do have a dynamic user profile page. I tried setting the slug from the username input field when a user is registering but that hasn’t helped…

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